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Greetings, North Houston neighbors! Clear Pools here, your dedicated pool care partner. We
know that when the Texas sun is blazing, there’s nothing better than diving into your private
backyard oasis. But to keep that beautiful oasis sparkling and ready for those barbeque
get-togethers or those much-needed leisure hours you crave, pool maintenance is a must. Don’t
sweat it; we’re here to simplify that for you. Today, we’ll share some easy tips on pool filter care –
a key aspect of keeping your pool top-notch and hassle-free!

Understanding Your Pool Filter

First off, let’s dive right into what a pool filter does. Your pool filter is the unsung hero working
around the clock to keep your pool water clean, clear and free from pesky particles that could
turn your leisure time into a frog’s paradise. Now, that doesn’t sound like the best way to enjoy
your pool, does it?


Cleaning Filters, the Clear Pools Way

Cleaning Filters, the Clear Pools Way

Filter care may sound like an ordeal, but we’ve got you covered, neighbors. Here in North
Houston, we’re no strangers to dust, tree debris, or the occasional critter taking a dip. So, let’s
walk through some basic steps on how to keep your pool filter in top shape.

1.   Visually Inspect Your Filter: Check for any obvious damage first. Your friendly Clear
Pools professional will be more than happy to assist with any necessary replacements!

2.   Backwash Your Filter: If you have a sand or diatomaceous earth filter, backwashing
can help to remove the dirt build-up. Always remember to backwash when the pressure
gauge rises about 7-10 PSI from its clean state. Our pros here at Clear Pools can show
you how it’s done.

3.   Clean Those Cartridge Filters: For cartridge filters – give them a good rinse with a
garden hose. If they are beyond cleaning, give us a call!

Remember, keeping your pool filter in prime shape helps all that beautiful, crystal clear water
flow freely. And more importantly, it means more time for you and your family to enjoy those
poolside barbeques, impromptu swim lessons, and admired pool parties.

Rely on Clear Pools for Your Pool Care Needs

At Clear Pools, we’re committed to ensuring that North Houston families can enjoy their
backyard paradise without the stress of maintenance. We know that friendly, professional
service and relatable advice make all the difference. So why not connect with us at Clear Pools
to assist with your pool filter maintenance and any other pool care service you need? Our
friendly neighborhood team of experts are at your service, so your family can keep making a

Remember, we’re the trusted and approachable friend you can count on for all your pool care
needs. Let Clear Pools take care of the nitty-gritty, so you can worry less and swim more! Now,
get out there and cannonball into your sparkling pool with confidence!

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