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The Woodlands Lawn Care Services

As the sweltering Houston summer gives way to the pleasant breezes of autumn, the transition doesn’t just bring a much-needed respite for us; it’s also a pivotal shift for our lawns. As your trusted home care partners, Clear Pools understands that a lush, verdant lawn is a crucial part of your custom home experience. So, let’s talk about some tips to prepare your lawn for our unique Greater Houston fall.

Fertilization for The Fall

Your lawn’s roots continue to grow significantly during the fall, in spite of the changing weather. It’s like they’re throwing a fall party underground! Apply a high-phosphorus mix to your lawn in the early autumn to replenish the nutrients your lawn needs to grow deep roots and keep them

Overseeding Overachieving Lawns

As we transition into fall, it’s natural for your lawn to show signs of summer stress. Houston lawns can especially suffer from heavy usage during our Texas-sized barbecues and pool parties. Well, autumn is just the time to step back, let it breathe and support it.

Overseeding—spreading grass seeds over your lawn—can help fill in those thinning areas and make your lawn lush again. Remember to keep the new seedlings moist till they have firmly set

Raking it Right

Enjoying the autumn colors might be a frequent activity elsewhere, but in Greater Houston, it’s leaf-sweeping. Raking leaves can seem like a never-ending chore, but it is necessary to prevent them from blocking light and moisture to your lawn. A lawn suffocated beneath leaves can become brown and patchy.

Rake regularly and when the leaves are dry, it’s easier and, dare we say, even a bit enjoyable! Make it a fun family activity and reward yourself (and the little helpers) with some fresh pumpkin
pie afterward.

Mowing to The Season’s Tune

Adjust your mower’s height to leave your grass a bit taller. Taller blades give your lawn a larger surface area for photosynthesis and thus enhance root growth. A lawn height of around 2 to 2.5 inches is usually ideal for our Greater Houston fall.

The Clear Pools Touch

Don’t be fooled by the name- we promote complete home care so you have one dedicated team and one place to pay for both your lawn care and pool needs. The approach of autumn is a prime time to revamp your routine and prep your lawn to be resilient and radiantly green. But we know that these tasks take time and focus. That’s where Clear Pools steps in, making it easy so
you can enjoy the charm of fall without the yard work worries.

Partner with Clear Pools this fall, for not just for your pool maintenance, but for comprehensive lawn care services too. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, flexibility, and our love for transforming outdoor spaces in the Greater Houston area.

Your lawn is an extension of your dream home. Let’s work together to ensure it stays vibrant, lush, and welcoming, transitioning smoothly into our Houston fall. After all, it’s not just about the destination; it’s about the harmonious, collaborative journey of home care. With Clear Pools, autumn lawn care begins to feel less like work and more like nurturing your cherished home.

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