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Owning a swimming pool in The Woodlands should be a source of relaxation, not stress. At Clear Pools NH, we understand the importance of a pristine backyard pool and are devoted to ensuring your pool remains the oasis you deserve. As the premier pool service company in Texas, we specialize in transforming and maintaining your swimming pool into a sparkling gem you can be proud of.


The Essence of Thorough Pool Maintenance

Sunny days in Texas call for a dip in your refreshing swimming pool, yet its maintenance can be daunting. Regular pool maintenance plays a critical role in preserving the health of your pool and extending its longevity. From checking water chemistry to managing calcium hardness and alkalinity levels, our precise chemical balancing ensures safe and pleasant water for every swim.


Addressing High Calcium Levels in Your Pool

If you find your pool’s water has high calcium content, here are steps to mitigate it:

  • Introduce fresh water after partial draining but check for calcium content before refilling, potentially using a hose filter.
  • Pool flocculant binds excess calcium which you’ll need to remove by vacuuming manually with all filtration systems off – remember that cartridge filters can’t be used with FLoC since vacuuming must be directed to waste.
  • If other methods fail, muriatic acid may be utilized – though it won’t decrease calcium hardness directly – by altering the water’s saturation point back towards equilibrium.


Diligent Cleaning Meets Skillful Repair Services

When it comes to local pool cleaning, we pride ourselves on our meticulous workmanship. Harnessing advanced techniques like vacuuming and skimmer basket maintenance, we keep every inch of your inground pool free from debris. But beyond cleaning, our expertise is broad, with a suite of repair services geared towards addressing any issues from leak detection to pump malfunctions.


Servicing Beyond The Woodlands

Not only do homeowners in The Woodlands benefit from our quality services, but so do those in the surrounding areas — including Spring, Conroe, Tomball, and even Houston. As your trusted pool service company, consistency is key. Opt for our weekly pool service option and discard any concern over dirty water or malfunctioning equipment.


Year-Round Enjoyment With Professional Care

Take advantage of Texasyear-round swim climate by ensuring your pool is always guest-ready. Whether it’s routine filter cleaning or emergency repairs after spring storms, rest assured that your swimming experience is uninterrupted.


Not Just Pools; Spa Service Too!

Perhaps you’re also seeking maintenance for that inviting hot tub or spa service after an upgrade? Our dedicated team is on-call, ready to provide meticulous care for these relaxing retreats as well.


Tailored Services For Every Pool Need

Understanding that each swimming pool has unique characteristics – whether it be a tranquil salt water pool or a bustling family hub – we cater to individual requirements with customized maintenance plans.


Comprehensive Pool Inspections and Upgrades

If you’re contemplating new features or unsure about the current state of your pool, inquire about our thorough inspections and progressive upgrades crafted to enhance every swim experience.


Secure Your Free Quote Today! 

Embark on a journey towards perfect water clarity. Reach out now for a free quote and let us navigate the specifics of your pool needs with top-tier service and quality care — because every homeowner in The Woodlands deserves an immaculate swimming canvas to unwind beside.

Clear Pools NH is the woodlands pool company where pool owners can witness excellence meeting crystal blue waters. For superior pool care that meets all your water oasis needs — from basic skimmer service to elaborate installations and pool pump repairs— contact us at  936 324 5944. We promise reliability through exceptional workmanship and tailored solutions to satisfy all your freshwater queries. We’re just one call away from bringing unparalleled tranquility with our maintenance services right into your backyard.

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