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Maintaining the Perfect Water Chemistry

Keeping your pool water balanced is vital for comfort and equipment longevity. Our maintenance services include thorough chemical balancing to maintain the ideal alkalinity and overall water chemistry, ensuring safe and crystal-clear pool water.


Comprehensive Maintenance for Sparkling Pools

Our comprehensive weekly pool service covers everything from vacuuming to skimmer basket clearing, filter cleaning to checking heaters. Texas homeowners can rely on us for their pool maintenance needs year-round. Our attentive care extends to both residential and commercial pools.


Swift Repair Services for Uninterrupted Enjoyment

Should your swimming pool encounter any issues, our repair services are ready to assist. From leak detection to equipment repairs, we proudly serve The Woodlands community with speedy responses to keep your in-ground or ground pools functioning perfectly.


Advanced Equipment for Pool Care Excellence

Utilizing top-of-the-line equipment, our local pool experts will address all aspects of pool care including swimming pool vacuuming, skimmer maintenance, and repair services tailored for your unique pool needs.


Expert Solutions for Houston Area Homeowners

Serving Houston and its surrounding areas, our dedicated team extends expert solutions for every type of swimming pool – whether it’s a secluded backyard hot tub or a bustling commercial pool. We assure outstanding cleanliness with our impeccable pool cleaning services that are just a call away.


Remodeling and Service Enhancements

For homeowners looking to upgrade their oasis, we offer expert consultation on remodeling as well as enhancing existing features. Everything from aesthetics to structural integrity is handled by our seasoned technicians who understand the nuances of local pools.


Customized Pool Service Plans

At Clear Pools NH, we believe in crafting personalized service plans that cater specifically to the individual character of each homeowner‘s swimming pool. Our exceptional workmanship guarantees a hassle-free experience, so you can enjoy your backyard pool without any worries.


Ensuring Year-Round Satisfaction

We are committed not just to meeting but exceeding the expectations of our cherished clients throughout Texas. Choose Clear Pools NH for consistent quality in all your swimming pool service needs throughout the seasons. Your satisfaction is our priority as we foster long-term relationships with all pool owners in the region. Contact us at: 936-324-5944 for a free quote and begin a journey of exceptional care from the leading pool service company in Spring, The Woodlands, and beyond.

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